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Nano-Hybrid publications with team participation and/or Nano-H founding members :
  1. Verry, C.; Dufort, S.; Villa, J.; Gavard, M.; Iriart, C.; Grand, S.; Charles, J.; Chovelon, B.; Cracowski, J-L.; Quesada, J-L.; Mendoza, C.; Sancey, L.; Lehamann, A.; Jover, F.; Giraud, J-Y.; Lux, F.; Crémilleux Y.; McMahon, S.; Pauwels, P.; Cagney, D.; Berbeco, R.; Auzer, A.; Deutsch, E.; Loeffer, M.; Le Duc, G.; Tillement, O.; Balosso, J.; Theranostic AGuix nanoparticles as radiosensitizer: a phase I, dose-escalation study in patients with multiple brain metastases (NANO-RAD trial)., Radiotherapy and Oncology, 160 (2021) 159-165

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