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Nano-Hybrid publications with team participation and/or Nano-H founding members :

  1. Verry, C.; Dufort, S.; Lemasson, B.; Grand, S;; Pietras, J.; Tropres, I.; Crémillieux, Y.; Lux, F.; Mériaux, S.; Larrat, B.; Balosso, J.; Le Duc, G.; Barbier, E.; Tillement, O.; Targeting brain metastases with ultrasmall theranostic nanoparticles, a first-in-human trial from an MRI perspective, Science Advances, 6 (2020) 29, eaay5279

  2. A. Detappe, C. Mathieu, C. Jin, M. Agius, M. C. Diringer, V. –L. Tran, X. Pivot, F. Lux, O. Tillement, D. Kufe, P. P. Ghoroghchian, « Anti-MUC1- C Antibody – conjugated nanoparticles potentiate the efficacy of fractionated radiation therapy », Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys., 2020, 20, 6223. 

  3. X. Yang, M. Bolsa-Ferruz, L. Marichal, E. Porcel, D. Salado-Leza, F. Lux, O. Tillement, J. –P. Renault, S. Pin, F. Wien, S. Lacombe, « Human serum albumin in the presence of AGuIX nanoagents: structure stabilization without direct interaction », Int. J. Mol. Sci., 2020, 21, 4673.

  4. J. Schuemann, A. Bagley, R. Berberco, K. Bromma, K. T. Butterworth, H. Byrne, D. B. Chithrani, S. H. Cho, J. R. Cook, V. Favaudon, Y. H. Gholami, E. Gargioni, J. F. Hainfeld, F. Heespeels, A. C. Heuskin, U. M. Ibeh, Z. Kuncic, S. Kunjachan, S. Lacombe, S. Lucas, F. Lux, S. J. McMahon, D. Nevozhay, W. Ngwa, J. D. Payne, S. Penninckx, E. Porcel, K. M. Prise, H. Rabus, S. M. Ridwan, B. Rudek, L. Sanche, B. Singh, H. M. Smilowitz, K. V. Sokolov, S. Sridhar, Y. Stanishevskiy, W. Sung, O. Tillement, N. A. Virani, W. Yantasee, S. Krishnan, « Roadmap for metal nanoparticles in radiation therapy: current status, translational challenges, and future directions », Phys. Med. Biol., 2020, Accepted. 

  5. G. Bort, F. Lux*, S. Dufort, Y. Crémillieux, C. Verry, O. Tillement, « Ultrasmall hybrid nanoparticles suit well to tumor targeting via EPR effect: examples of translation from animal to human with theranostic AGuIX® nanoparticles », Theranostics, 2020, 10, 1319-1331. IF 8.7

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