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Nano-Hybrid publications with team participation and/or Nano-H founding members :

  1. Truillet, C.; Bouziotis, P.; Tsoukalas, C.; Brugiere, J.; Martini, M.; Sancey, L.; Brichart, T.; Denat, F.; Boschetti, F.; Darbost, U.; et al. Ultrasmall Particles for Gd-MRI and Ga-68-PET Dual Imaging. CONTRAST MEDIA & MOLECULAR IMAGING 2015, 10, 309–319.

  2. Sancey, L.; Kotb, S.; Trulllet, C.; Appaix, F.; Marais, A.; Thomas, E.; van der Sanden, B.; Klein, J.-P.; Laurent, B.; Cottier, M.; et al. Long-Term in Vivo Clearance of Gadolinium-Based AGuIX Nanoparticles and Their Biocompatibility after Systemic Injection. ACS NANO 2015, 9, 2477–2488.

  3. Moussaron, A.; Vibhute, S.; Bianchi, A.; Guenduez, S.; Kotb, S.; Sancey, L.; Motto-Ros, V.; Rizzitelli, S.; Cremillieux, Y.; Lux, F.; et al. Ultrasmall Nanoplatforms as Calcium-Responsive Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. SMALL 2015, 11, 4900–4909.

  4. Mogilireddy, V.; Dechamps-Olivier, I.; Alric, C.; Laurent, G.; Laurent, S.; Elst, L. V.; Muller, R.; Bazzi, R.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O.; et al. Thermodynamic Stability and Kinetic Inertness of a Gd-DTPA Bisamide Complex Grafted onto Gold Nanoparticles. CONTRAST MEDIA & MOLECULAR IMAGING 2015, 10, 179–187.

  5. Miladi, I.; Aloy, M.-T.; Armandy, E.; Mowat, P.; Kryza, D.; Magne, N.; Tillement, O.; Lux, F.; Billotey, C.; Janier, M.; et al. Combining Ultrasmall Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles with Photon Irradiation Overcomes Radioresistance of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. NANOMEDICINE-NANOTECHNOLOGY BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2015, 11, 247–257.

  6. Lux, F.; Sancey, L.; Bianchi, A.; Cremillieux, Y.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O. Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles for Theranostic MRI-Radiosensitization. NANOMEDICINE 2015, 10, 1801–1815.

  7. Lux, F.; Detappe, A.; Dufort, S.; Sancey, L.; Louis, C.; Carme, S.; Tillement, O. Ultrasmall Nanoparticles for Radiotherapy: AGuIX. CANCER RADIOTHERAPIE 2015, 19, 508–514.

  8. Fries, P.; Morr, D.; Mueller, A.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O.; Massmann, A.; Seidel, R.; Schaefer, T.; Menger, M. D.; Schneider, G.; et al. Evaluation of a Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticle (AGuIX) for Contrast-Enhanced MRI of the Liver in a Rat Model of Hepatic Colorectal Cancer Metastases at 9.4 Tesla. ROFO-FORTSCHRITTE AUF DEM GEBIET DER RONTGENSTRAHLEN UND DER BILDGEBENDEN VERFAHREN 2015, 187, 1108–1115.

  9. Dufort, S.; Bianchi, A.; Henry, M.; Lux, F.; Le Duc, G.; Josserand, V.; Louis, C.; Perriat, P.; Cremillieux, Y.; Tillement, O.; et al. Nebulized Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles: A Theranostic Approach for Lung Tumor Imaging and Radiosensitization. SMALL 2015, 11, 215–221.

  10. Detappe, A.; Rottmann, J.; Kunjachan, S.; Tillement, O.; Berbeco, R. Theranostic Gadolinium-Based AGuIX Nanoparticles for MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy. MEDICAL PHYSICS 2015, 42, 3566.

  11. Bianchi, A.; Moncelet, D.; Lux, F.; Plissonneau, M.; Rizzitelli, S.; Ribot, E. J.; Tassali, N.; Bouchaud, V.; Tillement, O.; Voisin, P.; et al. Orotracheal Administration of Contrast Agents: A New Protocol for Brain Tumor Targeting. NMR IN BIOMEDICINE 2015, 28, 738–746.

  12. Bechet, D.; Auger, F.; Couleaud, P.; Marty, E.; Ravasi, L.; Durieux, N.; Bonnet, C.; Plenat, F.; Frochot, C.; Mordon, S.; et al. Multifunctional Ultrasmall Nanoplatforms for Vascular-Targeted Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy of Brain Tumors Guided by Real-Time MRI. NANOMEDICINE-NANOTECHNOLOGY BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2015, 11, 657–670.

  13. Ayela, F.; Colombet, D.; Ledoux, G.; Tillement, O. Thermal Investigation of Cavitating Flows through Microchannels, with the Help of Fluorescent Nanoprobes. HOUILLE BLANCHE-REVUE INTERNATIONALE DE L EAU 2015, 102–108.

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