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Nano-h Publi 2013


Nano-Hybrid publications with team participation and/or Nano-H founding members :

  1. Truillet, C.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O.; Dugourd, P.; Antoine, R. Coupling of HPLC with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Studying the Aging of Ultrasmall Multifunctional Gadolinium-Based Silica Nanoparticles. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2013, 85, 10440–10447.

  2. Truillet, C.; Lux, F.; Moreau, J.; Four, M.; Sancey, L.; Chevreux, S.; Boeuf, G.; Perriat, P.; Frochot, C.; Antoine, R.; et al. Bifunctional Polypyridyl-Ru(II) Complex Grafted onto Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles for MR-Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy. DALTON TRANSACTIONS 2013, 42, 12410–12420.

  3. Truillet, C.; Lux, F.; Brichart, T.; Lu, G. W.; Gong, Q. H.; Perriat, P.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O. Energy Transfer from Pyridine Molecules towards Europium Cations Contained in Sub 5-Nm Eu2O3 Nanoparticles: Can a Particle Be an Efficient Multiple Donor-Acceptor System? JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2013, 114.

  4. Shen, H.; Lu, G.; Zhang, T.; Liu, J.; Gu, Y.; Perriat, P.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O.; Gong, Q. Shape Effect on a Single-Nanoparticle-Based Plasmonic Nanosensor. NANOTECHNOLOGY 2013, 24.

  5. Rima, W.; Sancey, L.; Aloy, M.-T.; Armandy, E.; Alcantara, G. B.; Epicier, T.; Malchere, A.; Joly-Pottuz, L.; Mowat, P.; Lux, F.; et al. Internalization Pathways into Cancer Cells of Gadolinium-Based Radiosensitizing Nanoparticles. BIOMATERIALS 2013, 34, 181–195.

  6. Motto-Ros, V.; Sancey, L.; Wang, X. C.; Ma, Q. L.; Lux, F.; Bai, X. S.; Panczer, G.; Tillement, O.; Yu, J. Mapping Nanoparticles Injected into a Biological Tissue Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART B-ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY 2013, 87, 168–174.

  7. Morlieras, J.; Dufort, S.; Sancey, L.; Truillet, C.; Mignot, A.; Rossetti, F.; Dentamaro, M.; Laurent, S.; Vander Elst, L.; Muller, R. N.; et al. Functionalization of Small Rigid Platforms with Cyclic RGD Peptides for Targeting Tumors Overexpressing alpha(v)beta(3)-Integrins. BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY 2013, 24, 1584–1597.

  8. Morlieras, J.; Chezal, J.-M.; Miot-Noirault, E.; Vidal, A.; Besse, S.; Kryza, D.; Truillet, C.; Mignot, A.; Antoine, R.; Dugourd, P.; et al. In Vivo Evidence of the Targeting of Cartilaginous Tissue by Pyridinium Functionalized Nanoparticles. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2013, 49, 3046–3048.

  9. Morlieras, J.; Chezal, J.-M.; Miot-Noirault, E.; Roux, A.; Heinrich-Balard, L.; Cohen, R.; Tarrit, S.; Truillet, C.; Mignot, A.; Hachani, R.; et al. Development of Gadolinium Based Nanoparticles Having an Affinity towards Melanin. NANOSCALE 2013, 5, 1603–1615.

  10. Miladi, I.; Le Duc, G.; Kryza, D.; Berniard, A.; Mowat, P.; Roux, S.; Taleb, J.; Bonazza, P.; Perriat, P.; Lux, F.; et al. Biodistribution of Ultra Small Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles as Theranostic Agent: Application to Brain Tumors. JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS APPLICATIONS 2013, 28, 385–394.

  11. Mignot, A.; Truillet, C.; Lux, F.; Sancey, L.; Louis, C.; Denat, F.; Boschetti, F.; Bocher, L.; Gloter, A.; Stephan, O.; et al. A Top-Down Synthesis Route to Ultrasmall Multifunctional Gd-Based Silica Nanoparticles for Theranostic Applications. CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 2013, 19, 6122–6136.

  12. Maurin, M.; Garnuszek, P.; Mikolajczak, R.; Truillet, C.; Lux, F.; Clabaut, A.; Tillement, O. Preliminary Results of Y-90 and Lu-177 Radiolabelling of Ultra Small Rigid Particles as Multimodal Probes. JOURNAL OF LABELLED COMPOUNDS & RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS 2013, 56, S237.

  13. Lu, G.; Liu, J.; Zhang, T.; Shen, H.; Perriat, P.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O.; Gu, Y.; He, Y.; Wang, Y.; et al. Enhancing Molecule Fluorescence with Asymmetrical Plasmonic Antennas. NANOSCALE 2013, 5, 6545–6551.

  14. Di Corato, R.; Gazeau, F.; Le Visage, C.; Fayol, D.; Levitz, P.; Lux, F.; Letourneur, D.; Luciani, N.; Tillement, O.; Wilhelm, C. High-Resolution Cellular MRI: Gadolinium and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for in-Depth Dual-Cell Imaging of Engineered Tissue Constructs. ACS NANO 2013, 7, 7500–7512.

  15. Bulin, A.-L.; Truillett, C.; Chouikrat, R.; Lux, F.; Frochot, C.; Amans, D.; Ledoux, G.; Tillement, O.; Perriat, P.; Barberi-Heyob, M.; et al. X-Ray-Induced Singlet Oxygen Activation with Nanoscintillator-Coupled Porphyrins. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2013, 117, 21583–21589.

  16. Bianchi, A.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O.; Cremillieux, Y. Contrast Enhanced Lung MRI in Mice Using Ultra-Short Echo Time Radial Imaging and Intratracheally Administrated Gd-DOTA-Based Nanoparticles. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE 2013, 70, 1419–1426.

  17. Ayela, F.; Medrano-Munoz, M.; Amans, D.; Dujardin, C.; Brichart, T.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O.; Ledoux, G. Experimental Evidence of Temperature Gradients in Cavitating Microflows Seeded with Thermosensitive Nanoprobes. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 2013, 88.

  18. Aspord, C.; Laurin, D.; Janier, M. F.; Mandon, C. A.; Thivolet, C.; Villiers, C.; Mowat, P.; Madec, A.-M.; Tillement, O.; Perriat, P.; et al. Paramagnetic Nanoparticles to Track and Quantify in Vivo Immune Human Therapeutic Cells. NANOSCALE 2013, 5, 11409–11415.

  19. Alric, C.; Miladi, I.; Kryza, D.; Taleb, J.; Lux, F.; Bazzi, R.; Billotey, C.; Janier, M.; Perriat, P.; Roux, S.; et al. The Biodistribution of Gold Nanoparticles Designed for Renal Clearance. NANOSCALE 2013, 5, 5930–5939.

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