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Nano-h Publi 2012


Nano-Hybrid publications with team participation and/or Nano-H founding members :
  1. Zhang, T.; Lu, G.; Liu, J.; Shen, H.; Perriat, P.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O.; Gong, Q. Strong Two-Photon Fluorescence Enhanced Jointly by Dipolar and Quadrupolar Modes of a Single Plasmonic Nanostructure. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2012, 101.

  2. Zhang, T.; Lu, G.; Li, W.; Liu, J.; Hou, L.; Perriat, P.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O.; Gong, Q. Optimally Designed Nanoshell and Matryoshka-Nanoshell as a Plasmonic-Enhanced Fluorescence Probe. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 2012, 116, 8804–8812.

  3. Seve, A.; Couleaud, P.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O.; Arnoux, P.; Andre, J.-C.; Frochot, C. Long-Distance Energy Transfer Photosensitizers Arising in Hybrid Nanoparticles Leading to Fluorescence Emission and Singlet Oxygen Luminescence Quenching. PHOTOCHEMICAL & PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2012, 11, 803–811.

  4. Motto-Ros, V.; Sancey, L.; Ma, Q. L.; Lux, F.; Bai, X. S.; Wang, X. C.; Yu, J.; Panczer, G.; Tillement, O. Mapping of Native Inorganic Elements and Injected Nanoparticles in a Biological Organ with Laser-Induced Plasma. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2012, 101.

  5. Lin, G.; Candela, Y.; Tillement, O.; Cai, Z.; Lefevre-Seguin, V.; Hare, J. Thermal Bistability-Based Method for Real-Time Optimization of Ultralow-Threshold Whispering Gallery Mode Microlasers. OPTICS LETTERS 2012, 37, 5193–5195.

  6. Leclerc, L.; Rima, W.; Boudard, D.; Pourchez, J.; Forest, V.; Bin, V.; Mowat, P.; Perriat, P.; Tillement, O.; Grosseau, P.; et al. Size of Submicrometric and Nanometric Particles Affect Cellular Uptake and Biological Activity of Macrophages in Vitro. INHALATION TOXICOLOGY 2012, 24, 580–588.

  7. Benachour, H.; Seve, A.; Bastogne, T.; Frochot, C.; Vanderesse, R.; Jasniewski, J.; Miladi, I.; Billotey, C.; Tillement, O.; Lux, F.; et al. Multifunctional Peptide-Conjugated Hybrid Silica Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy and MRI. THERANOSTICS 2012, 2, 889–904.

  8. Benachour, H.; Bastogne, T.; Toussaint, M.; Chemli, Y.; Seve, A.; Frochot, C.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O.; Vanderesse, R.; Barberi-Heyob, M. Real-Time Monitoring of Photocytotoxicity in Nanoparticles-Based Photodynamic Therapy: A Model-Based Approach. PLOS ONE 2012, 7.

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