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R&D project BOOSTER 2019 - MEDFORCE project

Nano-H is involved in the R&D project BOOSTER 2019 - MEDFORCE project - development and research project financially supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.


The MEDFORCE project (Booster AURA -2019-22), led by the GLINCS company, aims to develop cutting-edge analytical means and methods dedicated to the marketing of innovative hybrid materials for medical purposes and the development of clinical products. It brings together private players such as NH TherAguix, Nano-H and Mexbrain in direct interaction with two university laboratories in Lyon, the ILM and the Polymer Materials Engineering Laboratory. The sharing of efforts, the pooling of equipment and the pooling of collective experience on different issues but with common denominators should allow to optimize costs and development times for the maturation of medical technologies transferable to the clinical phase.

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