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Nano-h, congrès nano hybrides, essai préclinique



Value-Added Nanotechnology

Pioneer company of nanohybrids for industrial applications

Nano-H was created in December 2004 by a team of Lyon university researchers. This company is specialized in the development of innovative technologies for the manufacture of new materials based on hybrid nanoparticles.

Nano-H won the national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies organized by the Ministry of Research in 2004.

Since its creation, Nano-H's activities have focused on two main areas :

  • functional nanomaterials, in optics and tracers.                             

  • nanomaterials for biological applications, especially nanodrugs.

Nano-H is the originator of the first hybrid organic/inorganic theranostic drug : AGuIX

Today, Nano-H takes on the role of orchestrating the annual nano-hybrid congress, renowned as the

"Annual Conference of the Architects of Nano-hybrid Compounds: Toward Material and Biological Applications."


In addition, Nano-H engages in a fruitful partnership with the esteemed startup I2V, offering unparalleled preclinical trials on mice and rats, characterized by both favorable pricing and expeditious turnaround times.

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Nanohybrid chemistry for tomorrow's applications
nano-h hydrogels DOTA-GA Mex-CD2
Laboratoire scientifique

We offer customized research projects for the academic and industrial sectors. This activity is based on Nano-H's expertise and its ability to adapt its materials to the applications of its customers and partners.

Nano-h is also part of the IMITATE ANR :

Integrated Microsystems for In silico Modeling and in vitro assessment of nanoparticle TrAnsport & radioTherapy Efficacy


nano-H is a company that combines experience and dynamism thanks to  employees of all ages


Nano-H has collaborated with many companies and academic laboratories in the framework of collaborative projects. It has participated in 17 ANR, European, or other projects as a co-developer or contractor. 

Its teams and founding members have participated in more than a hundred scientific publications related to Nano-Hybrids.


Nano-H is participating in the R&D BOOSTER 2019 project - MEDFORCE Project - a development and research project financially supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

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