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Who are we ?​

Nano-H is a pioneer company that targets high-tech industries and research laboratories that use nanoparticles, including the fields of phosphors, counterfeiting, probes and tracers, medical imaging, biological detection, pharmaceuticals...

It offers design, manufacturing, purification and characterization services for its nanoparticle-based products. These meet the needs of high quality by their size and their chemical, physical and biological specificities in case of development of nano-drugs. Moreover, the company has developed an expertise in the field of scale-up of nanoparticle production, the last crucial step before the final industrialization of an innovative product.

The company also offers dedicated research projects for the academic and industrial sectors. This activity is based on the experience of Nano-H and its ability to adapt its materials to the applications of its customers and partners.

Nano-H is at the origin of the first hybrid organic/inorganic theranostic drug AGuIX  . After the design and the first preclinical validations, the activities were transferred to the company NH TherAguix. This drug is currently in clinical phase. It has successfully passed the first First in Man study NANORAD 1. developments are continuing in 3 randomized Phase II clinical trials. Two of these trials are coordinated by Dana-Farber, Harvard (Boston) .

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Our team

Augustin Tillement - CEO
Engineering student - ECAM Lasalle
Olivier Tillement - cofounder
professeur - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Stéphane Roux- cofounder
professeur - Institut UTINAM
Pascal Perriat - cofounder
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