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Thanks to a historical partnership with the team of Pr. O. Tillement, we propose a complete equipment allowing the characterization of nanopraticles and their properties, with in particular:

  • granulometry/zetameters

  • HPLC-(UV - dn - fluo) - HPLC-ICP/MS


  • Spectrofluorometers

  • Relaxometers

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Some Nano-H publications of nanoparticle characterization :

  • A. Conti, R. Magnin, M. Gerstenmayer, N. Tsapis, E. Dumont, O. Tillement, F. Lux, D. Le Bihan, S. Mériaux, S. Della Penna, B. Larrat, « Empirical and theoritical characterization of the diffusion process of different gadolinium-based nanoparticles within the brain tissue after ultrasound-induced permeabilization of the blood-brain barrier », Contrast Media Mol. Imaging, 2019, 2019:6341545.

  • S. Huclier-Markai, E. Ntsiba, E. Thomas, C. Aliot, C. S. Cutler, F. Lux, O. Tillement, « Self-crosslinked fibrous collagen/chitosan blends: Processing, properties evaluation and monitoring of degradation by bi-fluorescence imaging », Multimodal AGuIX® nanoparticles: size characterization by HF5 and optimization of the radiolabeling with various SPECT/PET/Theranostic tracers », Int. J. Med. Nano Res., 2019, 6, 027

  • Truillet, C.; Thomas, E.; Lux, F.; Huynh, L. T.; Tillement, O.; Evans, M. J. Synthesis and Characterization of Zr-89-Labeled Ultrasmall Nanoparticles. MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS 2016, 13, 2596–2601.

  • Ricciardi, L.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O.; Sancey, L.; Perriat, P.; Ghedini, M.; Szerb, E. I.; Yadav, Y. J.; La Deda, M. Multifunctional Material Based on Ionic Transition Metal Complexes and Gold-Silica Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Photophysical Characterization for Application in Imaging and Therapy. JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B-BIOLOGY 2014, 140, 396–404.

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