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Nano-h Publi 2011


Nano-Hybrid publications with team participation and/or Nano-H founding members :
  1. Wang, Q.; Lu, G.; Hou, L.; Zhang, T.; Luo, C.; Yang, H.; Barbillon, G.; Lei, F. H.; Marquette, C. A.; Perriat, P.; et al. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy near Individual Gold Nanoparticle. CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2011, 503, 256–261.

  2. Taleb, J.; Kryza, D.; Janier, M.; Mowat, P.; Louis, C.; Marmuse, L.; Roux, S.; Perriat, P.; Tillement, O.; Billotey, C. In Vivo Biodistribution of Hybrid Gadolinium Oxide Nanoparticles as Multimodal Imaging Agent. BULLETIN DU CANCER 2011, 98, S63.

  3. Samuel, J.; Raccurt, O.; Mancini, C.; Dujardin, C.; Amans, D.; Ledoux, G.; Poncelet, O.; Tillement, O. Homogeneous Dispersion of Gadolinium Oxide Nanoparticles into a Non-Aqueous-Based Polymer by Two Surface Treatments. JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH 2011, 13, 2417–2428.

  4. Mutelet, B.; Perriat, P.; Ledoux, G.; Amans, D.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O.; Billotey, C.; Janier, M.; Villiers, C.; Bazzi, R.; et al. Suppression of Luminescence Quenching at the Nanometer Scale in Gd2O3 Doped with Eu3+ or Tb3+: Systematic Comparison between Nanometric and Macroscopic Samples of Life-Time, Quantum Yield, Radiative and Non-Radiative Decay Rates. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2011, 110.

  5. Mutelet, B.; Keller, N.; Roux, S.; Flores-Gonzales, M. A.; Lux, F.; Martini, M.; Tillement, O.; Billotey, C.; Janier, M.; Villiers, C.; et al. Size-Induced Effect upon the N,el Temperature of the Antiferro/paramagnetic Transition in Gadolinium Oxide Nanoparticles. APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING 2011, 105, 215–219.

  6. Mowat, P.; Bechet, D.; Dutreix, M.; Barberi-Heyob, M.; Le Duc, G.; Roux, S.; Perriat, P.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O. Glioma Cells Radiosensitization with Lanthanid-Based Nanoparticles. BULLETIN DU CANCER 2011, 98, S69–S70.

  7. Mowat, P.; Mignot, A.; Rima, W.; Lux, F.; Tillement, O.; Roulin, C.; Dutreix, M.; Bechet, D.; Huger, S.; Humbert, L.; et al. In Vitro Radiosensitizing Effects of Ultrasmall Gadolinium Based Particles on Tumour Cells. JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 2011, 11, 7833–7839.

  8. Morlieras, J.; Chezal, J.-M.; Janier, M.; Miot-Noirault, E.; Mowat, P.; Penciu, A.; Perriat, P.; Tillement, O.; Vidal, A.; Luz, F. Functionalization of Hybrid Nanoparticles for in Vivo Targeting of Melanomat. BULLETIN DU CANCER 2011, 98, S62–S63.

  9. Lux, F.; Mignot, A.; Mowat, P.; Louis, C.; Dufort, S.; Bernhard, C.; Denat, F.; Boschetti, F.; Brunet, C.; Antoine, R.; et al. Ultrasmall Rigid Particles as Multimodal Probes for Medical Applications. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2011, 50, 12299–12303.

  10. Le Duc, G.; Miladi, I.; Alric, C.; Mowat, P.; Braeuer-Krisch, E.; Bouchet, A.; Khalil, E.; Billotey, C.; Janier, M.; Lux, F.; et al. Toward an Image-Guided Microbeam Radiation Therapy Using Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles. ACS NANO 2011, 5, 9566–9574.

  11. Kryza, D.; Taleb, J.; Janier, M.; Marmuse, L.; Miladi, I.; Bonazza, P.; Louis, C.; Perriat, P.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O.; et al. Biodistribution Study of Nanometric Hybrid Gadolinium Oxide Particles as a Multimodal SPECT/MR/Optical Imaging and Theragnostic Agent. BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY 2011, 22, 1145–1152.

  12. Hoffmann, C.; Faure, A.-C.; Vancaeyzeele, C.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O.; Pauthe, E.; Goubard, F. Labeling of Fibronectin by Fluorescent and Paramagnetic Nanoprobes for Exploring the Extracellular Matrix: Bioconjugate Synthesis Optimization and Biochemical Characterization. ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2011, 399, 1653–1663.

  13. Epicier, T.; Le Bosse, J.-C.; Perriat, P.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O. A Strategy for Simulating Electron Energy-Loss Near-Edge Structures of Nanoparticles: Application to Size Effects in Gd2O3. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL-APPLIED PHYSICS 2011, 54.

  14. Dufort, S.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O.; Hirsjarvi, S.; Benoit, J.-P.; Gravier, J.; Texier, I.; Dumy, P.; Josserand, V.; Colt, J.-L. Development of Nanoparticles and Lipid Nanocapsules for Imaging and Tumor Therapy. BULLETIN DU CANCER 2011, 98, S78.

  15. Couleaud, P.; Bechet, D.; Vanderesse, R.; Barberi-Heyob, M.; Faure, A.-C.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O.; Porhel, S.; Guillemin, F.; Frochot, C. Functionalized Silica-Based Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy. NANOMEDICINE 2011, 6, 995–1009.

  16. Arifin, D. R.; Long, C. M.; Gilad, A. A.; Alric, C. E.; Roux, S.; Tillement, O.; Link, T. W.; Arepally, A.; Bulte, J. W. M. Trimodal Gadolinium-Gold Microcapsules Containing Pancreatic Islet Cells Restore Normoglycemia in Diabetic Mice and Can Be Tracked by Using US, CT, and Positive-Contrast MR Imaging. RADIOLOGY 2011, 260, 790–798.

  17. Aloy, M.-T.; Miladi, I.; Janier, M.; Armandy, E.; Mowat, P.; Billotey, C.; Tillement, O.; Lux, F.; Perriat, P.; Rodriguez-Lafrasse, C. Nanoparticles at the Heart of Gadolinium Radiosensitizing Agents in Photon Radiation. BULLETIN DU CANCER 2011, 98, S72–S73.

  18. Samuel, J.; Raccurt, O.; Poncelet, O.; Auger, A.; Ling, W.-L.; Cherns, P.; Grunwald, D.; Tillement, O. Surface Characterizations of Fluorescent-Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles: From the Macroscale to the Nanoscale. JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH 2010, 12, 2255–2265.

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